WOW Is this the best CBD Vape Pen for 2019?

This is a really nice NEW for 2019 CBD Vape Pen kit with excellent oil (Pure CBD) 250 mg. You can read all about it and look at the lab results here: …

Twenty dollars off for California


  1. Microcap Millionaires
  2. I have pretty bad back pain and I went to the doctor and they said nothing is wrong. I wanna try this really bad but is there an age restriction when you buy it? And when the package ships is the brand name labeled on the box? Asking for help.

  3. Thanks for your review. I suffer from diabetic neuropathy, backache and stress taking care of my elderly mom while working part-time. Lost my health insurance. I've tried CBD Hemp Oil and like it. I know vaping will give relief quickly when I need it. Love the fact that you're a dad/daughter duo and that you're a "cool" dad. I'm the "cool" Grandma.

  4. I'm sold because she said "It's a fresh of breath air" It must be at least somewhat effective for anxiety. edit but on things such as advertising to get the word out, scripting is a good tool. But I'll still put my doubts on hold till I give it a whirl. Thanks much

  5. full spectrum MAY have a trace of THC, and has been known to sometimes trigger a positive on a drug test. depends on the parameters of the drug test.

  6. Ok, you have repeatedly said CBD oil. But this is Hemp. The are derived from different parts of the plant. Hemp is good for overall health, but it does not aid in pain relief. Wasted my time on this video

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