Cannabis, Cannabinoids And Cancer: What Researchers Know So Far

Christina Sanchez made an incredibly interesting talk on May 14th at the Medicine faculty at La Sorbonne University, Paris regarding the research on …

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  2. You hurt the medical cannabis legalisation effort by making these ludicrous claims. Because of this kind of statements, medical cannabis is taken about as seriously as UFO stories.
    It's so sad that these zealots hijack the word "medicine" for their own scams.
    This is more anti-scientific than the flat earth movement.

  3. Thank you that was such a good video and so well presented.I know from the research done at Madrid uni that thc is very good for breast cancer and I believe it replaces/tricks the cancer cell in to thinking its the main protein it needs to form and maintain the outershell of the fungus/cancer ,so it floods it with the fake protein and then starts to kill the shell as its not being feed. Hope this makes sense check it out.Must be a great company to work for,

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