How Weed Legalization in California is Changing Cannabis Culture

Luxury cannabis products have emerged that cater to an elevated customer. The quintessential “stoner” stereotype is far outdated, and much like streetwear over …

Twenty dollars off for California


  1. Microcap Millionaires
  2. Don't smoke it unless you know where it came from. It's an excellent photoremediation plant for corporate agriculture. It's takes up the heavy metals like cadmium and lead and is then recycled for human use. So are other herbs and teas.

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  5. Yawwwnnnn….these assholes take literally all the fun out of it.
    It's one thing to step ur game up.
    …'s a whole nother thing when "business" ppl wanna up charge everything cuz its trendy.
    True stoners dont care as long as it's quality bud. Why do you think so many ppl value the art of rolling or hang on to super old pipes and bongs?lol it's the memory, the ritual of it all. Not the $$$$.

  6. the older "elevated customers" are just the 20yr olds from the past generations that are still smoking! just now that its legal they dont have to hide anymore. the kids always just think it belongs to them even though it's been around for ages…you dont have to make everything into a "culture" and walk around with pot leaves on your shirt.

  7. It’s ‘rose gold’ …hint’s the same stuff just 5$ more per gram. I live in Canada. Only been to one legal store… and it was like a upscale night club inside. Felt like it was quality in everything but the product.

  8. The information of why Cannabis is stigmatized is not true at the beginning of your video. It started before the 1960's and has much to do about racism against Black Americans and Mexican immigrants. Granted the information you used did add to the negatives of Cannabis.

  9. Those old movies against cannabis are like those 1930-40's Nazi movies showing Jews as monsters: horrific and nonsensical movies, but so ridiculous that if they were not so ignoble and absurd we could laugh at them. Sadly, behind those movies are monsters and so laughs are wry. Horrid movies. In fact, cannabis is one the most useful plants in the world. Absurd lies were spread about cannabis due to greed and racism. As for the other absurd lies, those about the Jews… The Jews are great contributors to art, science, medicine… The things is, when you are good and useful, you have monsters hating you. Cannabis threatened the profit made by W.R. Hearst. The Jews were the best at many things, so idiotic-soon-monstrous people riaen to power tried to exterminate them, driven by jealousy (and the hope to appropriate theirs homes). Tabacco is the enemy, not cannabis ! Tabacco is evil. Cannabis is useful. As for antisemitism… Racism makes no sens. None.

  10. i'd rather get my shit in ziploc bags honestly. i don't need all this fancy packaging, branding, and marketing that does nothing but increase the price of the product

  11. Yo tbh the best weed i ever smoked came straight out of a huge 2 bound double grocery bag that was stuffed ina tube (There was no way it was laced because i smoked so much of it in that night i would have gotton sick) and that shit is so much bettter then the dispensary weed i smoke

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  13. Shits too fuckin expensive because of these types of people..I get it, but for fuck's sake. I just want bud. I don't need creams and all that shit. Raw bud shouldn't be so expensive..

  14. those pre rolls arent rolled the weed is shoved in the front end and packed downm. its always lesser quality weed and they are too large in diamemmte to enjo the smoke too, they suck

  15. This video shows the flashy over produced over processed part of marijuana.
    The reason why they try to charge 15$ a gram. fuck off and fuck yourselves. Anyone in this video is an ass hat and raping people out of their money for profit no better than Monsanto.

  16. Fucking Dumb Bitch attributes cannabis culture becoming mainstream because of kids shaking. uummm no!. The recent advent had been always money. it was banned because it competed with the pulp and paper industry and is still banned because it compeats with the pharmaceutical industry

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