1. Microcap Millionaires
  2. Another great video Dan, much appreciated as always. I noticed a direct correlation between SPY and CGC on Friday (11/30) – They both bounced off the LOD (intra-day low for SPY) at exactly the same time (1:10 PM). The late day and AH bullish follow-through with both CGC and SPY correspond as well. Amazing how similar their timing of movement and momentum can be. Must be those algos in action!

  3. I got lucky also i had a stop loss on medmen on Thursday. I was upset about stoping me out then runing up. But come Friday I capitalized on the dip so I guess it worked out. Sleeping so I was unable to monitor but wish I would have Dunmore stop-losses in my past. Sucks to miss out on gains but sucks more to lose your capital.😎 awesome videos love them!

  4. Bought the dip on MedMen . in at 3.22 i tryed to drop it but got filled. I did drop it once but on the second time filled me.😎 was going to buy more at 3.18 with some profits from Fsd Pharma but i just got more Auxly. Loving it and having fun doing it. Love your videos!

  5. As always, thanks for your videos Dan. Hallmark of a great trader is to his admit when he's wrong, cut his losses, reset the mind, and learn from his mistakes to keep getting better. You clearly demonstrate that. Keep inspiring Dan!

  6. You'd think I'd learn by now to have my notepad ready when I watch these, usually end up watching them twice (not a bad thing though). I feel like the market was really trying to price in possible positive news for the G20 meeting this weekend so I'm watching that closely. Should a good deal not be reached I think Monday will be a rough one, but time will tell. Thanks Dan

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