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  2. All I can say is wow. I've kind of always felt that way. It was a misconception that marijuana makes people lazy and stupid. Our bodies have so many cannabinoid receptors. that is literally what creates hunger in a infant. I think we have been grossly misled over the last 30 years as to the benefits of marijuana THC CBD. I am an avid CBD and THC user. I have two sons one out of the house that have smoked casually usually before bed for the last 7 years and both of them are amazingly intelligent. One had a college degree before he was even out of high school. The other one is a straight A student who excels at everything he touches. So I am very inspired and excited to see an article like this. Namaste

  3. Wow, you really should research why and and WHO made it illegal. Completely corporate greed. All paper, rope, clothing and 19 other industries used hemp pre prohibition. Randolph Hearst owned millions of acres of forest and Dupont had just invented nylon and the cotton industry was just been automated. So how do we get rid of our competition? They spent millions to brainwash the public and the rest is history. Look it up. Quite the story and of course most jails here are privately owned and for profit so there is huge pressure to keep hemp illegal.

  4. Interesting information Michael, its surprising what's been hidden from us for all these years, and especially annoying is the fact that there are cures for many illnesses, like cancer which could have saved so many children and adults lives, and have devastated so many families. Thank you for continuing to bring us so many varied and I interesting topics to think about. Namaste and much 💖 to all.

  5. I know for a fact smoking helps. When I got out of the Army, I was on 13 daily medications. 3 of them were heavy narcotics, and high blood pressure along with PTSD. I only take 2 meds now, both non narcotic and only as needed. It has also had many positive mental health effects. I smoke it and support it for all.

  6. Thanks a lot for your outstanding informative video. Always appreciate your efforts about exposing the facts about various fields. So glad to be a part of this Evolutionary Energy arts family. I’m from Bangladesh a south Asian poor country. People are mostly uneducated. Marijuana is illegal here and people see this as forbidden. If someone found associated with weeds are not acceptable by the so called society. I came to know about Marijuana in early 90s and found it amazing. It helped me a lot with all the benefits it has. Realised and believed the unimaginable usefulness of this valuable plant though was not a regular user. Always dreamed to legalise this globally and make it accessible for the general peoples and the sick patients. So glad to see the increasing demand and importance people are giving now a days, and legalising as well in many countries. In modern science and studies are acknowledging most of the benefits we realised from the beginning. People didn’t believe my beliefs regarding the use of Cannabis. Now we do think after knowing about the science researches , the knowledge gathered about it really came into me from the higher dimensions. Almighty showed me this when the scientists just started recognising and acknowledging at the same time period. It can’t be a coincidence if not being blessed from the higher dimensions. Feels amazing to think like this and finding this really positive, and as well proved undeniably effective and essential for the living beings. There will be a lot more we will know about this heavenly plant in future after completion of more research hopefully, if not hidden by the powerful greedy rulers. Love to know more about it and the positive recognitions globally. Please do some more research on it and expose as soon as possible. The humans badly require the support of Cannabis. Take good care of yourself and the lovely family, and as well watch your back. This world badly needs more spokesperson like you. Peace be upon all the good souls.

  7. It does no such thing . Look you motherfuckers if you studied every thing as much as you research pot then I wonder what you might find . It just goes to show you make up every thing you say about pot . If you don’t like it don’t use it but if you do like it then use it . Besides no pot plant is the same so why would the effect be the Same. See you liars smoke it for the same amount of time on and off and then honestly tell me what you know about it , Better yet smoke pot for 47yrs and then try to tell me what you feel and think about pot . Because if it was no good I would have quit a long time ago . You straight fuckers are nothing but a mind controlled Zombies and lie about everything . And if pot was used more than not more people would believe in GOD and we would not be talking about deportation which is mass murdering of poor people because you straight people are so easy to talk in to killing .☎️☎️☎️🆓🆓🆓🎶🎼😎🎩🐘🐘🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🕎✝️⚛️🚀⚛️🚀⚛️🔯🔯🐅🐅

  8. It used to be in every black medical bag back when Doctors went to home visits, they took it away, Demonized it & programmed people with movies like Reefer Madness! Such corruption and Monsanto will take over all seeds with their poison

  9. They should do a study on me, I'm the damn poster child for why marijuana is AMAZING
    I mean really, I would rather look out the windows than listen to my teachers in high school, when I got to college I was a straight-A student.

  10. I love the stuff. I function better with it, then without, it makes me more calm, peaceful and more clear in my head. I think the problem can be if people use it with other drugs or alcohol. Then it can go wrong over the interaction. I don't drink nor do other drugs. I have smoked canabis for some 23 years now, though the naturally grown plants. Not the blown up stuff you can get in some places, that is so powerful it will have you laying in a corner seeing bugs on the walls, so to speak. 😉 If you don't abuse it, it is good for you, I would say. My 2 cents. 🙂 Have a wonderful day! xxx

  11. The new studies because everybody is legalizing it are going to be GOOD NOW…..Now they want you to consume it….If you cant see what the new agenda is now then your just plain stupid…While it may increase grey matter it probably kills major brain cells…Give me a break….Anybody that allows their TEENS to use any drugs until they have quit growing is beyond irresponsible and stupid…..Good grief…..

  12. IQ is learned by the way…if you want to be stupid you can be stupid…if you want to be smart then learn more…Its that simple….Smart people are smart because they know more….That's the difference…..

  13. Most people I know that have past the threshold of recreational use into full time habit use of pot are the most lazy unmotivated people with no creativity at all….Give me a break…..

  14. I,m a 52 year old artist, l smoke when I get an artistic block and my performance increases, my creativity increases,I never liked the buzz off of it so I never used it just to entertain myself, two three times a year, and my artistic flow is consistent. Sativa is the best for creativity!

  15. I have to say one thing. You do not know what your talking about when you say you don't partake. There are hundreds of different types of erb. How many have you tried?

  16. Great Mike, you let all the pot heads through the gate! Here they are, filling up the commentary with the usual lame brain "cannabis is from the Gods" dogma! Blah, blah, blah.

  17. Due to a severe delta wing crash, where I broke lots of bones in my body and skull and was badly brain-damaged, 28 yrs ago, I ended up with lots of pain, noise in my head, memory loss, bad eyes, bad hearing, male form of hair-loss (I'm female), epilepsy, depression, Asperger-like symptoms, damaged pituitary gland > bad thyroid gland. Started taking CBD and THC oils like 6 yrs ago and things dramaticaly improved.
    I take less and less thyroid medication now and half the children's dose of anti-epileptics. THC helps me with sleeping through the pain and noise and gives me a momentary relief of depression & of semi-Asperger's. THC also temporarily makes me smarter at problem solving and has me thinking faster and makes me less forgetfull. Only, THC oil is too expensive to use more often than once every 2 or 3 weeks, sadly.
    I can't grow my own THC because it is still illegal here in the Netherlands and I have neighbours who would immediately call the police as soon as they smell something. Also the electricity supplier would send the police if my bill were much higher than the average neighbour's.
    I say: legalize home-growing! The Netherlands is a retard, royal Orange worshipping, peasant, 19th century country.

  18. High as I want to be! Humboldt County born and raised, different strains have different highs. Is a lot to know, hash is concentration of pure pollens pressed for fast action. Oil can be separated from CBDs for the pure THC top high on a pin drop of oil! Its a miracle for sure! Holly anointing oil calls canna blessed ! Think on that a moment

  19. I have smoked cannabis since i was 14 i am now 28

    never needed go hospital for fighting or being a arse like many do trough alchol

    cannabis recepter cells are found in the human body so that tells me humans have using this for many thousands of years

    i do not drink at all

    iam actualy smoking a joint now
    its a natrual thing there as been 0 deaths caused by cannabis
    There as been proven studies now saying the plant as a load if benifits for your health .
    Now ask why its illegal here in the u.k .

    how will my doctor give me his poision and charge me for it if i can get a poision free health kick free and grown natrual .

    its never done me any harm i have been arrested many times for it
    I will never stop using it as using it i have not been the doctors since i was 19 for a ear infection .

    iam 6ft 1 .
    weigh 10 and a half stone
    and i eat loads

  20. It gets me in a very reflective mood, it helps with stress and anxiety and even in some occasions has helped me with pain. I know I would not be able to drive or operate machinery while on it because it has the singularity of transport me into a meditative mood. Just be careful with man-made marijuana.

  21. ..yeah, but were still not smoking it right, it has to be nebulized in the system, and regulated by a micro chip,..the same way all drugs and holistics should be regulated..not so much for tolerance purposes , but more for biorhythm recognition..because biorhythm determines vocation..

  22. Nice ad in the beginning… Drug addition ???? Coincidence ? I think not..The narrative continues..madness..harmless plant with so much potential….everyday people are awakening..

  23. I can see this is possible since Monsanto started genetically altering marijuana. It stopped doing for me what I had been smokin it for, starting about two years ago. I had been smoking for 20 plus years b4 it started affecting me differently.

  24. I suffer from severe attention deficit disorder…im a Tasmanian devil whirl wind of a mess at the best of times…my entire family would tell ya how bad it really gets!! I had stopped using marijuana when my first son was born..he is now 17 years old. I have recently started using marijuana and I'm telling you that it's night and day when I smoke!!! I'm not saying everyone go out and start using marijuana…at all…what I'm saying is that for a lot of disorders this really does help!! It increased my focus and my ability to stay on track of whatever I'm trying to do!!!

  25. If Establishment Media says it good, then it means most of the legally sold marijuana has already been genetically modified. They are altering domestic weed with GMO's just like our food.

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