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Hey guys. Here’s a review of Surterra’s oral spray. Plus a special announcement. Don’t forget to subscribe! If you have already, then thanks 🙂

Start at 2:48 if you want to only hear about the product/skip some of me talking

Since I reached 460 subs I want to thank you by giving you a special, lengthy, almost gratuitous present. Watch to find out what it is; if you’re subbed already, you’ll find out soon. xoxo ellie k.


Twenty dollars off for California


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  2. I just want to say, As an epileptic that lives in FL and is looking for reviews as Im in the process of getting my card. I was directed to your channel and I must say I love your channel, it is exactly what I was looking for. Your reviews are amazing and you keep a smile on my face! Thank you!

  3. I might try this in the Relief form. The oil based products don’t do well with me. I tried the Relief pen and it was so nice. Definitely picking up some as a concentrate too. Hopefully Trulieve will get some more clementine in, can’t wait to try it and their new 1:1.

  4. Surterra in Jax is now able to dispense product. Called today to verify. Supposedly, they are fully stocked except for the sprays and Florida’s finest products.

  5. I can't believe the price you guys have to pay in Florida for cannabis related product.
    Up here in Maine we pay $5.00 per gram for flower. I am sure you are going to say something like…yeah but you live in Maine. Personally I love a good buzz going when the snow is flying and I am stuck at home anyway.

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