3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review. Support us on Patreon so we can make more …

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  2. The idea of this video is to specifically reach people who are against decriminalization and to take them seriously. There is an abundance of pro arguments and content on the internet – and while they are correct, they tend to marginalize the negative effects of smocking weed. So we wanted to show that even if you think that nobody should ever smoke, you still can support a public policy approach that protects more people, than by keeping cannabis illegal. Sometimes it is annoying to hear things that don't match what we already think. Researching our videos in depth often does the same thing to us. In this case we decided that was more important to reach people, who would not have watched another video that is obviously pro liberalization.

    Some of the sources used in the video:

    Argument 1: Marijuana Causes Psychosis

    Studies point to a correlation between THC and psychosis
    Ian Hamilton, Addiction, 2017

    THC levels have increased in the last few decades while CBD levels have decreased
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    Possible benefits of CBD for psychosis treatment

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    Article by the University of York: Risk of psychosis from marijuana use small compared to the number of total users

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    Increased risk of psychosis in marijuana smokers who are already at clinical high-risk for psychosis
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    Increased tendency for consumption of hard liquor during the US prohibition era

    Argument 2: Marijuana as a gateway drug

    Study: association between marijuana use and use of other illicit drugs
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    Teenagers who smoke are 80 times more likely to use illegal drugs
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    Increased risk of excessive alcohol and drug use for smoking teenagers
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    Decriminalization of possession and consumption of all illicit substances in Portugal

    Decrease in continuity rates of use

    Argument 3: Marijuana is addictive and damages organs

    Statistics: doubling of marijuana treatment admissions in Europe, 2003-2014

    Statistics: Increased number of people who seek treatment for marijuana related problems

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    Studies: lowered IQ in teenagers using marijuana

    Newer studies: influence of general drug use on brain development and IQ
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    Risk of dependence on alcohol and tobacco
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    Study: the effects of tobacco use on health

    Study: the effects of alcohol consumption on health

  3. There are no valid arguments in favor of keeping it illegal. Other than court slush funds, bail bondsmen, civil forfeiture (theft), and taking away rights to vote. Its benefits far out weigh the costs.

  4. when i saw : " marijuana is a gateway drug" i immediatly stop that shit …man if you think like this , alcohol is a gateway drug too …

  5. Im 16, i smoke, and i still dont want to try anymore drugs than just weed, im happy with it, and happy with who i am… and you cant change that with a million studys! Im even perfectly healthy! And nobody who has tried it has overdosed, cause its not possible to!

  6. the facts are so twitsted its gross. Understanding the endocannabanoid system – Is the video you need. Real doctors…. Marinol aka Fake patented thc is legal.. wtf for a HUGE profit??? EWW

  7. I like the channel but these are trash arguments. they avoid morality which is the bases of law and relys on the idea the government is our parent. McDonald's, alcohol, cigarettes etc are much worse for your health and are not illegal so what is your point

  8. 7:30 pretty much what this video boils down to. they don't know a lot about cannabis so it's scary to them. human nature at its finest. a lot of the studies were inconclusive and the amount of research didn't provide enough info so fearing the unknown is sorta what tailors the negative perspective of cannabis.

  9. It’s not like the positives outweigh the negatives. Cannabis is a beautiful plant that has a lot of medical properties. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis and the police have much more of a problem with people under the influence of alcohol fighting outside pubs and driving dangerously than a few people sat in a lounge smoking weed and listening to some music. Cannabis is like any drug and it should be used responsibly and I would much rather be a pot head than an alcoholic. I will admit however that I very rarely drink and do smoke a bit of cannabis. It’s all about using the drug in moderation just like alcohol which is perfectly fine in a social environment.

  10. The title really contradicts the whole video . No to marijuana but yes to making it legal and safer instead of just throwing it out there . Labeling it like any other cigarette or alcohol . Kinda weird to say KEEP IT ILLEGAL but the video is like UNLESS IT IS LABELED CORRECTLY AND CONTROLLED DOSES. Hmmm

  11. There are people who smoke pot and live very normal lives… But some people just smoke everyday and night (and it might be a bit too much for some people.) Then the long term effects start to take place… Laziness… Can't be bothered anymore… Staying home to smoke more and more pot… Getting Lazy.
    Good luck.

  12. i dont know what your talking about all recenty studies ive heard pot is no longer dangerous if grown right its a plant that adsorbes the menarals in the ground more consentratedly then alot of other plants like tomatos or cabbage or corn and what not to the point its eating metals and putting those metals in our blood which are not normally given in this quantity thats why we have a clean dirt substance that proves your wrong about pot in 2018

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