St Patty’s Day Pour Challenge Erika Edition

Top of the mornin to yall! (That’s my southern attempt at being Irish). ANYways, here is the video of my entry to the Fluid Art group we are in on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and want to be part of a very supportive group of artists – feel free to join

Here is a link:

Basically, the Admins gave us a challenge to use a color palette to create a pour (either resin, acrylic or alcohol inks) and this is what I came up with – and it was a struggle – as you no doubt witnessed lol.

Colors Used:
White house paint to prep
Valspar Flat Black to paint the background
Artist Loft Black Flow Acrylic (metallic)
Apple Barrel Kelley Green
Folk Art EXTREME GLITTER in Peridot (mixed with Daller Downey Ink in Light Green) for that neon green sparkly color
Bombay Grass Green India Ink
Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint
Rustoleum Flat white Spray paint

I’m available if you have any questions or any challenges/requests.

Thank you all for watching and subscribing – it means so much to us.

Jeff will be doing his take on this challenge later today and I will post it – we will see who wins and who has to do a week of dishes (insert evil laugh).

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  1. Microcap Millionaires
  2. Fab all the way !!!! You nailed it !!!
    I an rewatching the shows like Nikita, NCIS, Jessica Jones, Scandal & shows like that.
    Currently binging on Peter Draws on You Tube, Love him, he talks like what is in my head LOL

  3. Of course I love the sparkle. That old crow in me likes it very much. I do love shiny, sparkly things. The green looks great, even though it's not one of my favorite colors. For me it's the cobalt like blue and purple with gold and black. I'd love to do my bedroom in those colors. Hope you both have a great day. 🙂

  4. Beautiful. I would call this an alphabet pour – DEF Disaster Evolved Fabulous (LOL) Love all the sparkle and the cells are amazing. Wishing you the best of luck in the contest! Hope you and Jeff both have a wonderful day!

  5. You're being too hard on yourself! Green is not the most visually appealing palette! However, the neon added some vibrancy to the resin and the cells helped as well. I would say it's still lovely but like you I prefer the blue spectrum.

  6. I really like it! I think the white really helped in my eyes.. I don't normally like green, but I really like this on a lot!! I hope you win! 😎

  7. I love this color combo, even though its green which is my least favorite…you totally nailed it E. This is an old video but it showcases your amazing talent. That you could achieve cells without the help of "SC this white". Great to look back on 🙂

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