1. Microcap Millionaires
  2. Vice why didn't you leave his IG username or some link to his work under the video. You just made this video for your own profit not respecting the artist. not cool.

  3. The least thing i want to do when i'm tripping is painting, i cant even see straight for such a task. someone give this man some tina to smoke, forget about that crazy dmt bullshit

  4. I love how he explains what dmt is like cause i have been asked that and it's so hard to explain just too much going on and if i could put it into words that's just about how i would say it.

  5. “The truth is most often not on either perceived side alone”
    -The I.C.
    "A self centered is mostly seeking of fulfillment from outside and serving of self. These people survive and leave lack in their wake.
    A centered self is mostly seeking of fulfillment from within and serving of others. These people thrive and leave abundance in their wake"
    – The Infinite Center(on the difference between being self centered and being a centered self)

    "'evil' is to 'live' backward (for ones own self) 'devil' is one who has 'lived' backwards (for ones own self)"
    -The Infinite Center
    "Its not simply the survival of the fittest but the thriving of the symbiotic"
    -The I.C.
    "our souls originate from where and when they are one."
    -The Infinite Center
    “at the center of each thing is the center of everything”
    -The I.C.
    "Worry not for yourself, anyone or anything else,
    but, care for yourself, everyone and everything else."
    -The infinite Center

    "The big bang is more like infinite quantum whimpers"
    – The Infinite Center

    “A good alternative to idolatry is holding everything and one in equal regard
    -The Infinite Center
    “depression/suicide is most often a problem of negative self absorption (positive self absorption being egotistical). focus on and get your pleasure from helping and attending to others as well as yourself. by doing this it makes the world and your mind a better place.”
    -The I.C.
    "If everything was light
    and there was no shadow
    we would not be able to see anything."
    -The I.C.
    “There is only one dimension, the singularity dimension. All other dimensions are simply different manifestations of the singularity dimension.
    There is only one force, the singularity force. All other forces are simply different manifestations of the singularity force.
    There is only one time, the singularity time. All other times are simply different manifestations of the singularity time.
    There is only one particle, the singularity particle. All other particles are simply different manifestations of the singularity particle.
    The singularity dimension, the singularity force, the singularity time, and the singularity particle, are all simply different manifestations of singularity which itself is a manifestation of zero/nothing/cosmic womb which is actually one whole infinite potential.”
    -The I.C.
    i am that I am
    I am 0, nothing/chaos/infinite potential
    I am 1, singularity/whole/complete
    I am 2 division/order/polarity/duality attraction/repulsion/+/- Up/down in/out etc etc to eternity
    I am “3” Seed/Flower/Fruit of life/ singularity matrix/ Cosmic Womb/Waters/Web/Network
    I am pure infinite consciousness that moves upon these waters
    I am time/beginning/end
    I am space
    I am matter
    i am all of this and so are all of you
    in each of these are all each other
    connected by the infinite center

    Everyone- Thank you for all you are!!!! We love you unconditionally. Come rejoin The Infinite Center and check out our channel. We miss you All

  6. A million masks, the million tasks, the racks of ruin and gloom. The spiral walkway, the halls the halls. A million masks of God. Life is the language, the branch of the tree. The halls the halls. A million masks. The faceless world I see.

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