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  2. I will ask it here since I don't see a video on it. Can CBD oil or medical marijuana help treat COPD assuming the disease is hereditary or from breathing in toxins at work and the person has never been a smoker?

  3. Hello. I don’t remember if I sent a comment before but I’ll say it here. For a couple years now I’ve had muscle twitching all over my body. Stomach legs back arms elbow eye face thigh butt. There’s even times where the twitching stays on the same spot for days. I was wondering if medical marijuana could at least settle them down or help it? Please answer.

  4. What about studies that are saying using CBD along with THC with a ratio of using more CBD than THC preventing any long term damage to memory ? Are these studies correct? I plan on regularly smoking high THC marijuana and then consuming a CBD tincture to prevent the negative cognitive impairing aspects of THC. Would I be correct in assuming this would work?

  5. Hello, I want to first say keep up the good work and congratulations on the completion of such a wonderful video. I recently conducted a study on the effect of THC on long term memory loses and it was amazing. So amazing I could not believe the results so I entered the test. It was very simple, before inhaling the THC I had a list of things I could not remember but we're important to me personally in some way. As an example one was an exact location I had been to of a girl when I was 16 (I'm 36 now) and another was a.phone number to a high school friend that I had been trying to figure out for years. As I inhaled the THC 30 minutes later I was literally able to recall both, the location in vivid detail and the entire phone number to my high school friend. I was so shocked! So I did it again the following day 23.4 hours later and again had a list. Thinking I'd get the same results but it DID NOT work! The batch was different and I doubled back on the previous batch and walaaa! It DID WORK again! So it is indeed designated to strain. But it does work. Would you please use my little bit of research and unlock the exact cause and effect of this process. I would give anything to access that again. My research was shutdown due to external factors not attributed to the project but I would love to team up with you on this. Please feel free to email me at Mr.biggs2001lyfe@gmail.com.
    Thank you ,
    God bless

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